From 2015 onwards The Lizamore & Associates Mentorship Programme shifted focus from emerging artists, to give an opportunity to young curators through the Curatorial Mentorship Programme. 2015 saw the launch of the first Curatorial Mentorship Programme under the Lizamore & Associates Mentorship banner.

Young curators are given the opportunity to propose a curatorial narrative, and exhibition for Lizamore’s annual end of year exhibition slot, New Voices, an exhibition that showcases the work of emerging artists. The programme takes place over a period of 9 months, from application to selection and mentorship where the mentee will curate their exhibition. This will provide a young curator the unique experience of curating in a commercial gallery space under the guidance of Teresa Lizamore, curator and director of Lizamore and Associates.

current mentee: colin groenewald

Photography by Kerem Güman

With an immense interest and respect for the visual medium, Colin Bryan Groenewald has developed a keen sense of what it means to critique contemporary art.

Colin obtained his BFA at Rhodes University in 2010 and spent a further 2 years studying communication design, followed by an intensive course in curatorial practice resulting in Symphony of Hunger: Digesting Fluxus in Four Movements as well as the publication Symphony of Hunger: The Fifth Movement which adds depth and relevance to the conceptual reflections of the collaborative exhibition.

Having been involved with the set up and management of a local community website and most recently the fourth ACT | UJ Arts & Culture Conference, entitled #creativeintersections, Colin fully understands the need for social engagement in order to further the arts within the public realm. Recently appointed as the Education Officer at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, Colin believes art should be used as tool to contemplate new ways of seeing in order to engage with the world on a critical level.

B/order is a curatorial concept that proposes to look at space as a site for negotiation using the body as a medium and aims to unpack the visible and invisible limits that present itself within the gallery space as well as in the outside world. B/order will pick at notions of societal conditioning, laden histories and body politics while intending to activate a liminal space using performance based works. 

While there is a clear move towards minimalism within the art industry, Colin acknowledges the vibrant energy within the South African art market. Collaboration and interdisciplinary interaction is resulting in various multi dimensional works that are gaining much deserved international recognition.

Through the guidance of Teresa Lizamore and the Lizamore curatorial mentorship programme, Colin hopes to enrich his own voice in order to further pave the path in his curatorial career. The Lizamore curatorial mentorship programme will allow Colin to be critical about his thought process in order to strengthen his curatorial arguments and he looks forward to gaining various skills throughout the Lizamore curatorial mentorship programme.


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