Temporary Feelings by Banele Khoza

Banele Khoza, our Johannes Stegmann mentee, will have a solo project at the Pretoria Art Museum. This opens at 9 July 2016 at 11:00.

Khoza presents an exhibition, consisting of paintings, drawings, digital prints and an installation. The exhibition will be opened by Jan Van der Merwe (Artist and Senior Lecture at Tshwane University of Technology). A project endorsed by the For Sale Projects under the umbrella of the Pretoria Art Museum.

Khoza creates ghostly works in watercolour and sharper, yet still surreal, digital illustrations. Although his images contain elements of escapism and fantasy, they speak to his own experiences – primarily in relation to identity issues and the way gender is presented and performed. Khoza is currently being mentored by acclaimed artist Colbert Mashile, who is mentoring him for is solo exhibition in March 2017 at Lizamore Gallery.

FNB Joburg Art Fair: Solo project by Mandy Coppes-Martin


Mandy Coppes-Martin (1973) is recognized for her use of natural materials like silk, hemp and handmade paper translated into portraits and organisms found in nature. For her solo project at the 2016 FNB Joburg Art Fair, Coppes-Martin presents an installation based body of work inspired by what she sees as the new age war between man and nature. Central to the installation is the piece “PUTRID”. This work plays on mankind’s destruction of natural resources for their own gain. Coppes-Martin’s also explores complexities around the Raflessia flower (rotten corpse flower), a rare and endangered plant which blooms in South East Asia. These flowers are completely dependent on the forest they grow in and cannot be re-planted in another environment. Through the constant interference of man, this forest, like many others are extinguished through the consumption of natural resources.

Coppes-Martin presents these flowers made in natural materials as an unusual specimen which has been ‘captured’ and placed in large perspex boxes for inspection. Through these intricate works, Coppes-Martin asks viewers to reflect on their connection to the environment and the complex conversations and contradictions which plague it.  

Coppes-Martin holds a Masters Degree in Fine Art (cum laude) and has forged an extensive career as a contemporary South African artist. The artist has been exhibiting in various group exhibitions since 2000 and has had four critically acclaimed solo exhibitions during the last decade.  She has also been included in a number of international group exhibitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, USA and the Philippines (amongst others). Coppes-Martin’s work has also been regularly shown at national fairs, including the FNB Joburg Art Fair, the Turbine Art Fair and the Cape Art Fair. The artist works are in various private and corporate collections.



Lizamore at the 2016 Turbine Art Fair -Save the date

At the 2016 Turbine Art Fair the gallery will be showing works by young contemporary artist Jan Tshikhuthula, Thabang Lehobye, Banele Khoza, Karin Dando, Lwandiso Njara, Adriaan Diedericks, Samuel Allerton, Ronél de Jager and Haidee Nel

Here's some works you can expect to see:

Walkabouts by Hannelie Coetzee during the month of June

Hannelie Coetzee will be hosting walks at the Johannesburg spruite where she met the various people who she depicts in her portraits on exhibition. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the connection to the environment and the people which inspired Hannelie in the creation of this solo exhibition. These will be hosted each Saturday in the month of June. Please see below for the programme and relevant times:

NIROX SCULPTURE PARK  |  Saturday, 4 June |  12pm
All participants will meet at Nirox at 12noon in the parking lot.
Here they will view her artwork Glinsterjuffertjie, which was built with the support from an Eduardo Villa grant for the Nirox Winter Show. This exhibition, titled “Place in Time”, was curated by Helen Pheby from the Yorkshire sculpture park.
This artwork ties in to the solo exhibition at Lizamore & Associates Gallery.
WILDS PARK  |  Saturday, 11 June  |  11am
All participants to meet at Lizamore & Associates Gallery at 11am to view the exhibition, they will then drive to the Wilds Park to walk in the park to look at this gem of a park which has a very bad perception of crime but through much rehabilitation from the community and staff has cultivated a beautiful park within the city. There are beautiful panoramic views of Johannesburg city which can be viewed and amazing pathways to explore. A few of the staff members from this park have been captured in the works on exhibition.
FIELD AND STUDY PARK  |  Saturday, 18 June  |  11am
All participants to meet at Lizamore & Associates Gallery at 11 am to view the exhibition, they will then drive to the Field and Study Park market in Sandton along the Braamfontein spruit. Hannelie will be creating site specific gravures on 100 year old dead eucalypts. Walk with Hannelie and experience her life art making process.
FERNDALE SPRUIT  |  Saturday, 25 June  |  11am
All participants to meet at Lizamore & Associates Gallery at 11am to view the exhibition, they will then drive to the Ferndale Spruit to meet Mary Gilbert de Klek who runs the fantastic JOSH project. Here Hannelie will be creating site specific works on old bleached city parks signs. Participants will be able to learn more about this wonderful project and see Hannelie’s live art making process.