Collecting Contemporary is inspired by the profound artistic background of art curator and director Teresa Lizamore. This exhibition can be viewed as a narrative timeline which reflects on the past three decades of Lizamore’s unique journey in the contemporary art industry.

Detail shot: Haidee Nel

Detail shot: Haidee Nel

Over the past 35 years, Teresa Lizamore has developed a sound career in the industry, as gallerist, art consultant and curator. During her time at Sasol – from 1982 to 2009 - Lizamore built the Sasol Art Collection to over 2000 pieces of contemporary South African Art. This collection is recognised as one of the premier collections of contemporary South African art.  Alongside Lizamore’s contribution to the Sasol Art Collection, she also served and still is employed as  art curator for the  Rand Merchant Bank - from 1989 to date, where she.  manages their collection of approximately 1800 works. In 2000, Teresa Lizamore embarked on her journey as commercial contemporary curator, a journey she enjoys and for which she has become especially known as mentor and nurturer of new talent.  However, her interactions over the years with artists who have now become established in the market, allows for her to celebrate the works of these artists as well as the younger emerging artists that have become known through Lizamore.

Over the last 35 years, Teresa Lizamore has curated more than 300 contemporary art exhibitions and projects, and has worked with some of South Africa’s most sought after artists and intellectuals in the industry.


Collecting Contemporary offers transformative possibilities through contemporary art. Through her selection, Lizamore explores trends, ideas, genres and styles that are prevalent in the contemporary art scene, seen through the eyes of a wide variety of contemporary artists. When identifying artists for this show, she looked to significant names whose artistic practice would lend itself to this narrative.

 Collecting Contemporary is seen as a carefully selected show that will include well-known artists, mid-career artists, and new artists  in the industry. Names of artists participating can be provided, as well as images of works by these artists.

Different mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpting collectively seek to define its subjects and encourage quiet contemplation of an extended existence that we often do not make the time to see. With South Africa’s creative talent with new artists emerging continuously, the aim of this show is to bring forth a history that stretches over three decades; and invites the viewer, to a more in-depth view of Teresa’s journey in the contemporary art industry. Contemporary art can simplify and convey critical conceptual messages and will give the viewer an overview of how contemporary art developed and changed over the past three decades. A contrast between then and now which an onlooker may use to compare certain narratives.