Allerton-Davies, Sieberhagen and Woodborne exhibits at Lizamore

Cape Town based artists, Heike Allerton-Davies, Jaco Sieberhagen and Judy Woodborne are exhibiting solo exhibitions with Lizamore & Associates during the month of July. These exhibitions open on 5 July 2018 at 18:00, with a walkabout with the artists before the opening at 17:00.

Missed/Mist by Heike Allerton-Davies

Heike Allerton-Davies draws on the evocative and intangible notion of nostalgia in her new body of work; Missed/Mist. This notion is intertwined with the artists ongoing exploration of the female figure in its many intimate forms. Allerton-Davies says: “I wanted to make work that was more about looking in rather than looking out - starting to figure myself out a bit at a time.” This compelling collection of paintings depicts intimate sensations from moments, inspired by the artists nostalgic reflection of memories. Missed/Mist encapsulates dreamlike flashes and feelings from the artist childhood: a feeling of falling, blurry details, feelings of abandonment and horses. The horses unlock emotions of wild and free times, childhood in the sunshine, smells of stables and leather from her childhood.



Jaco Sieberhagen Reisiger.jpg

Die anderkant van winter / The other side of winter by Jaco Sieberhagen

In Die anderkant van winter / The other side of winter, Jaco Sieberhagen attempts to unravel the beauty and diligence of the human spirit. “The exhibition is a celebration of the human spirit that has the incredible ability to imagine spring while winter grey is still ruling the landscape” says Sieberhagen. This body of work finds form in in a range of figurative and colorful mild-steel sculptures. Figures morphed with nature, specifically birds in flight, are masterfully combined with poetry that tells stories of joy and freedom that follow turbulent times. “The human spirit has the ability to dance with the rising sun while facing an uncertain day and to fly while circumstances invites him to stop believing” the artist explains.

Alternative Histories by Judy Woodborne

Alternative Histories by Judy Woodborne comprises a series of etchings, engravings and paper constructions. She takes her cue from Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow in The Grand Design: “…the universe doesn’t have just a single history, but every possible history, each with its own probability; and our observations of its current state affect its past and determine the different histories of the universe…”. With this statement in mind, Woodborne added the idea that mythology, symbol and iconography can form her personal vision and artistic lexicon. This body of work is broadly inspired by creation mythologies from diverse cultures, combined with an interest in natural science and the nature of matter. Working with pages from an old encyclopedia and atlas, she has overprinted these texts and created a series of complex images containing her version of an alternative narrative. Through a meticulous method of constructing and combining printmaking and mark-making, Woodborne re-imagines the narrative of each image and creates a new, alternative history and personal mythology.

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